martes, 31 de mayo de 2016


Today I want to show you a very good way to learn and have fun: videogames!! For children, playing videogames is one of the most popular activities to do when they are bored. That's why I want to present you a very good example of a videogame which was created by an ex-pupil of our school (Nuestra  Señora del Prado, Marianistas)  and two more university students.
Super Bloo is a game which consists on change your shape to liquid, solid, or gas  (remember you are a water drop) to rescue and save your family. Their authors, like I said before, are three students of the  second course in the university Camilo José Cela, U-tad. One of them is my sister, Raquel Carranza, who is studying interactive products designe. She did all the stages and characters of the game. The other two students are Alejandro Román and Víctor Rodríguez, two young programmers with too much ambition. Their group name is Q-ARTZ studios.
Their first intention of creating Super Bloo was to participate in the Three Headed Monkey Awards  (#3HMA) but they never thought that they might stay in a good position beacause there were professionals  who finished their studies; THEY WERE FINALISTS! The final was celebrated the last Friday, 20 of May in Barcelona. Unfortunately, they didn't win but they remained second in a videogame trivial. Now, they are so happy beacause of the experience. Like my sister said: It's great to know that you really are good in what you like, and this competition has demonstrated us that we can do what we propose to ourselves.

If you want to know more about Super Bloo visit this web page: 

Thank you!

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