martes, 9 de febrero de 2016

Tony Parker will be in the Olympic qualifiers despite his "war" with coach- Marina Córdoba

French point guard of the San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker today announced that he will play with his team the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro , despite the proximity of the dates of the tournament ( 5-10 July ) at birth expected their second child in late July. "I talked a lot with Axel ( his wife) and we agreed . She knows how important it is for me. and yes , I'll be in the qualifying tournament and the Olympic Games, if we qualify . I want to play for France , "said the player , 33 , in an interview published today by the newspaper" L' Equipe " .The last week , announcing on French radio " RMC " waiting for a second child in early July , Parker said his participation in the Olympic tournament was "complicated " by proximity in dates.

"I just said it would be difficult in terms of 'timing'. My priority is my family now, my wife. There is no chance that I miss the birth of my son, that's clear," so you have to do "many hours tickets, "the captain of the French team, accumulating 168 games internacional.Parker was grateful to the President of the French Basketball Federation, Jean-Pierre Siutat, who congratulated him on his future son and assured him that would be made to adapt the program.Pero not technical, Patrick Beesley, to say that "Tony will have to deal with the program", he said the player "L'Equipe". "I knew that having a child was a problem. Also, I do not need the authorization of Patrick Beesley or to explain things for myself and manage my communication or anything. he's not the boss, it is Jean-Pierre Siutat (...). to this day, I do not Beesley sent a congratulatory message, "

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